Family Photography: The Cleaves Family

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful Wollongong Family since their eldest boy was a baby. I’ve seen them grow and change through those years, loose teeth, gain teeth, have many haircuts and even throw some tantrums along the way but grow into the gorgeous family that I only photographed a couple of weeks ago.

This is why I love being a photographer in the Illawarra. I meet lovely people and grow with them. And they grow with me too. This family has seen me go from a mobile photographer to setting up a home studio, to moving to the beautiful South Coast of NSW and setting up an amazing studio in the heart of Gerringong. I’ve photographed their two babies as newborns, toddlers and now the adorable young boys that they are today. I’ve created Profile Pictures for their own small business set up and they’ve seen me too have my own children and continue to grow and build my business, through all the trials that come with raising a family and running a small business.

I’ve seen them renovate their home and hang the beautiful pictures that we’ve created on their new walls. Just recently I photographed their extended family in a Generation Shoot for their parents milestone 50th Wedding Anniversary.

I’ve met their friends when they’ve recommended me and created art works for their homes too.

They’ve also seen me develop the style of photography that is so close to my heart today. They’ve allowed me to work on my craft and try new things that have helped me to make connections with all my clients ensuring sincere and emotive images that we both truly love. They’ve seen four different cameras and many lenses, lots of photoshop trends and a variety of poses – some everlasting, others – well, let’s just say it’s all part of the evolution of what my style is today – unique, sincere and beautiful images that become part of your home – part of your legacy. It’s really been a shared journey and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

It’s these stories that make me love what I do. I get to follow their life through my lens and create gorgeous Artwork for their home that they will have for a lifetime.

If you are interested in creating a legacy of photographs for your family, please contact me today.