5 Reasons to Hire A Professional Photographer

I have been a family photographer for 10 years, but my love of photography has been with me for my lifetime. I just love looking back on old photos where I get to smell the smells, feel the feels, relive the treasured moments. So why hire a Professional Photographer when you can just look back at old family snaps on your iPhone?

1. I have a really great camera

I know so many of us have access to DSLR’s today and they’re really great. Taking photos with a DSLR is fun and allows us to get really creative. But often people comment to me that they have a really great DSLR but they can’t seem to get the shots that I do. Well it’s kind a like saying “I bought the same tennis racket as Roger Federer but I can’t seem to backhand like a pro”? By no means am I a “Roger Federer” of the photographic world, but I do know my equipment. I’ve invested in professional cameras, lens’ and photographic software and spent hundreds of hours practising, training and perfecting my craft. I understand my locations both indoor and outdoor. I use lighting in my studio. This is my job, my profession. My photos look great because it’s my job and for them to be. I’m also incredibly passionate about creating something visually spectacular for you.

2. You will be in the photos

C’mon, let’s face it. As Mums, we’re the ones taking the photos right. So many photos of Dad with the kids, the kids on the beach, on holidays, at the park – the list goes on. If we’re lucky, we might be in a Christmas selfie. As Mums we spend so much time making sure our kids have photographic memories of a childhood well spent, but so often we’re not a part of them.

Take the time to have some professional family photos. A session that is set aside just for you and your most valued people. I have hired a professional family photographer a couple of times to make sure that I have photos with my precious family. They are the photos that are hanging on my walls, or next to my bed in a frame. They are the photos that I stop and stare at because, not only are they beautifully styled, composed and captured – I’m in them, connecting with my husband and children, sharing unforgettable moments in time.

3. Creativity, artistry and leadership

There is something so special about designing a portrait session for a family. As an artist, it’s my absolute joy to listen to my clients and help them to discover how it is they want their photos to look. Combining my creativity and my clients vision, we collaboratively produce stunning photos that everyone falls in love with.

Part of hiring a professional photographer is taking advantage of how they see. I have spent 10 years working as a professional photographer, training my eyes to see around me. To use natural frames, to take advantage of amazing light, to click that shutter release at exactly the right moment. I care about the details, I notice the hair out of place or the shirt cuff turned up. I carefully consider what I see when I look through my viewfinder so that I create something truly unique and special, something that you will treasure forever.

A major asset when working with a professional photographer is receiving guidance. So many of us – me included – feel self conscious and nervous in front of the camera. There is something infinitely valuable about having someone guide you through your session to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is so reassuring to know that the person behind the camera knows what side flatters you most, understands that posing you correctly will make all the difference to the final result. I know that part of my job behind the camera is to see my families in their best possible light, to capture them in their most relaxed way through guiding them into different posing, actions or activities, ultimately resulting in beautiful imagery that will last a lifetime.

4. Post Production

When you hire a professional you can expect a high level of post production and editing. I use photoshop to creatively enhance and perfect your images. I believe that photoshop is a brilliant tool, and when used professionally and appropriately, will make your images stand out from the rest. I capture you and your family in camera by helping you to relax and by posing you in a flattering way, photoshop just helps in post production to fix any little imperfections like a hair blowing in the wind or an unavoidable bruise, inevitably one hour before your shoot! Photoshop lets me put my creative flair and signature finish into creating images that you will want to stare at all day long. Frame worthy art pieces that will get everyone talking.

5. Experience and Professionalism

The reluctant teenager, the time poor Dad, the wild toddler, the toothless seven year old – I could keep going but I’ve seen it all. Experience has allowed me to work with so many interesting, unique and amazing families. It’s also given me a huge variety of skill in dealing with a range of unique personalities. I’ve not met your family before so I come with no pre-conceived ideas about you. This is a huge advantage, especially for toddlers. I can usually captivate them with a magic trick or a funny joke, just long enough to get them to work with me and create that winning shot. Twenty years of working as a Primary School Teacher has probably helped as well.

When you work with an accredited professional you can expect that you will be dealt with in a professional way. A professional photographer should have an up to date Working With Children Check. They are usually part of a professional organisation like the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. If working with newborns, they will have attended workshops and education in keeping with best practice for working with tiny babies. They will attend annual education courses to improve their craft. They will partner with the best trade groups to produce the finest quality products for you. A professional photographer will invest in their profession to ultimately produce images for you that are of the highest quality and workmanship. When you hire a professional photographer you will receive a professional service, one that you will happy go back to and refer your friends to.

Hiring a professional photographer allows you to have stunning family photos that will create a lasting legacy for you and your family.

When you choose Orla Smith Photography, you can expect a professional service that you will love. Please contact me to discuss booking a Family Portrait Session with me today.